Every great event starts with a tiny, flickering idea

It’s always a little blurry at the edges, but it’s bright, and exciting, and it lights you up from the inside out. At City Celebrations, we take those brilliant ideas and turn them into gorgeous, personalized experiences. The kind of events that create lifelong memories. Memories so remarkable that you still get those warm, fuzzy feelings when you picture it all in vivid color years later.

Whether you come to us ready to start from scratch, or already have a full-fledged, bonfire-sized vision for your celebration, we will turn it into something beautiful. How, you ask? Our team offers full-service event styling and coordination, exceptional floral design, and a unique selection of vintage and modern rentals. Yes, we go big! Because we are committed – to our clients, to our passion, and to impeccable details.

Bridgitte Brooks


Bridgitte is our analytical researcher, Wisconsin native, Vogue reader, and lover of all things gold. She lives for the goosebump moments. You know, that feeling when the bride enters at the perfect moment? The music starts, every head turns, and the groom stares in disbelief as this magical creature glides down the aisle. Bridgitte is the woman behind the scenes, making these moments happen. “Cue the happy tears” may as well be listed on her expertly planned day-of timeline! She is also our unofficial education coordinator, bringing us opportunities to further expand our skills and knowledge at industry conferences like The Intrigued Experience, Creative at Heart and The Trouvaille Workshop, as well as local workshops and online classes. She applies her background in interior design and experience creating stunning spaces to every event we design.

Edy Rameika


Edy is our artistic visionary, expert florist, rock n’ roller, and DIY queen. She is the creative mastermind behind our spectacular floral arrangements, standout installations, and mind-blowing details. Bring her your dreams, and she’ll transform them into a physical reality! Edy is the friend that you call when you try that tricky Pinterest project, and…well, it doesn’t turn out exactly how you planned. She shows up with muffins, sprinkles some creative magic, and leaves a little glitter in her wake. She always says that every event feels like the very first time, but you’d never know it based on her expertise and signature ability to bring the most intricate plans to life.

Nadine Hornberger


Nadine is our comedic relief, video game player, green thumb, and lighting authority. Ah, lighting. It’s the key to turning any location into a dreamy, ethereal atmosphere and capturing images that you will want to show off on Facebook every single day – no matter how many times your husband asks you to stop. Nadine earned her bachelor’s degree in Show Production and Touring before sharing her skills with various event companies and venues. We finally convinced her to bestow her wizardry upon our clients (because we love you that much), and it’s been happily ever after ever since.


In Loving Memory

Roxybird was born out of our previous business, City Celebrations, and some life-changing moments in the last year and a half. Edy’s daughter (Nadine’s sister, Bridgitte’s best friend), Roxanne, used to work with us when we were City Celebrations. In October 2017 Roxanne died unexpectedly leaving behind so many people who adored her – her Mother, her sister and brothers, her friends, and her children. She was a bright light in this world and we will never stop missing her and her huge beautiful heart. A lot of things changed after Roxanne passed – we scaled down our business offerings, restructured, and started to rebrand. City Celebrations just didn’t fit who we were anymore and we wanted to honor Roxanne in some way. This way her presence is still felt in our business and in the spirit we put into everything we do. We love you, Roxanne.